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Digital transformation in companies is no longer a complex and expensive process that only large organizations could afford. In simpler terms, digital transformation means reinventing the company by identifying smart investments in areas where technology enhances the business model and customer facing processes. 

At Clever BoD we advise the Board of Directors to create value in your company by combining the key concepts of digital transformation: technology, business processes and the customer experience.

IT Governance

In a post-pandemic global environment companies have been forced to accelerate their digital transformation, thus creating the technological evolution of the business model.

IT Governance Services

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Digital Maturity Profile

Technological assessment to evaluate the maturity level of the company's digital processes. Identify gaps within the current state of the company and compare to best practices. 

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Board of directors  and digital transformation

Advise the Board to oversee the IT strategy through the implementation of methodologies like: COBIT, ITIL, PMI, and agile methodologies, occurs through smart investments in technology that prioritize the strengthening of the business model and the achievement of strategic objectives

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Shared Technological Services

Clever BoD performs a comprehensive IT assessment that allows us to identify gaps across IT frameworks and methodologies, clearly identifying the digital divide of your company in relation to regional trends and the local market. Likewise, you will obtain a detail of the maturity profile of your company in its digitization at different levels. The benefit is knowing exactly where you are and what is most relevant to take action. The main goal of this assessment is to obtain a smart technological IT investment portfolio. It demonstrates the priority and relevance in which to take action. 

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Process automation development 

Automation of core business processes through custom solutions. Transition manual activities and routine tasks to make more efficient and automated.

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Manuel Carmona
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The post-pandemic role of IT

Strategy and digital transformation in the boardroom

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