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Shared Services

Clever BoD designs and implements centralized processes focused on reducing transactional workloads and operational costs within the back-end processes of a company. By properly implementing Shared Service Centers, we can create stronger controls and improve visibility to improve the decision-making process.


Based on our firm's DNA, Clever BoD ensures that the board will oversee the Shared Service Centers as the back-end processes are represented on the Board by our Partners and Managers.

The current environment requires business leaders to have fewer administrative distractions in their management agendas and to focus on the DNA of the business to enhance value creation.

Shared Services Services


Finance and accounting

Most financial services can be performed practically anywhere and at any time. Clever BoD reduces your financial and accounting transaction costs and ensures worry-free back office workloads. Our remote work capabilities are stronger than ever and our finance team can take responsibility for the back office components, including: accounts receivable, accounts payable, accounting, financial statements/reports, taxes, control services and cost accounting.

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Estación de codificación

Technology and digital transformation

 Clever BoD performs a comprehensive IT assessment that allows us to identify gaps across IT frameworks and methodologies, clearly identifying the digital divide of your company in relation to regional trends and the local market. Likewise, you will obtain a detail of the maturity profile of your company in its digitization at different levels. The benefit is knowing exactly where you are and what is most relevant to take action. The main goal of this assessment is to obtain a smart technological IT investment portfolio. It demonstrates the priority and relevance in which to take action. 

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Inventario de comprobación

Internal audit 

We provide outsourcing services for the internal auditing function. The outsource services are based on international audit standards and risk management frameworks such as: COSO, GRC, and COBIT. 

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Javier Garcia
Managing Partner

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Guillermo Vallejo
Manager Shared Services

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